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Entry 19
The wind trainer really sucks when you have no alternatives.......I hear stories of people doing 2 or 3 hours on it, but I max out at 1.5, I like it for doing efforts though. I searched around and found an osteopath who worked with one of the French teams. Tried to get a free back crack but he seemed more concerned that I was still straight, and fortunately enough all fenders were fine....except the arm which I was told was "articulation problems". My French is very second rate but I figure it was ligament damage.

I looked after it for a few days and the day before the first of the one day French classics, GP Telegramme, I went out and did 110km. It was nice to not feel like a fat slob again....really, I don't know how people eat like that in France....chocolate for breakfast and cheese before bed just doesn't work for me.

Ahhhhhh, gotta love mixing it with Aussies. Especially Aussies as fair dinkum as Scott Sunderland, Hilton Clarke and Sean Sullivan. The race was on a 10km circuit run a frantic pace. I felt ok, although not too sharp. Went on the attack a few times but wasn't to be. Eventually the bunch splintered in two and being in the second half I jumped into the caravan with 140km under the belt. The arm was uncomfortable and hurt a bit when I went for a water bottle or tapped someone on the butt, but it was good enough, after all we pedal with our legs.

After 15kms of this 150km race I found myself in the winning break. Wasn't quite ready for that, legs were still feeling heavy and flat. And did we go.....first hour or so at 48kph. The bunch behind had a couple of teams working as hard as they could to bring us back but were unable to. We arrived on the finished circuit of 5 laps of 8km with a steep climb about one kilometre before the finish line each lap. I got to this stage of the race and for some reason I couldn't go any heart rate maxed out at 180 which is about 20 beats under, so I think I burnt the fuse a little too early before the end. I only ended up 12th and I was disappointed to have missed an opportunity, but then remembering a few days ago when I wasn't sure if my season had prematurely ended, I had to be content.

This left three days for the start of the Tour de L'Avenir, which for those of you who don't know, is recognised as the Tour de France for riders up to 25 years of age, and also a good pool to show yourself in with many big team directors watching on. 10 days, over 1500km, 132 riders, 22 teams, and exactly 20 plates of pasta (the most challenging part of the tour).
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