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Entry 20
STAGE 1 - Individual Time Trial - 10.7km
Well this was were I was meant to shine, not that I have ever gone as well in the shorter TT's than the longer ones. I left the start house, got to the finish and lost 38 seconds..... I don't know what to say about it. With such a lack of racing recently, and a big change in my type of training I wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't a good ride, although I thought I felt ok. Only good enough for 25th on the stage. Oh well, I will just have to show them how well I am climbing.

STAGE 2 - 147km, flat roads and a bunch of 132 riders, a lot of whom don't race with the pros everyday, and all of whom thought that they were Tour winners. Lost count of how many times everyone locked the brakes up in the bunch in the last 25kms on narrow narrow roads. Survived, although a few didn't.

STAGE 3 - 171.2km
Same deal, although this time I got caught up behind a "burro" (portuguese for donkey and quite offensive, love it) who couldn't hold it up with 4km to go. I had nowhere to go along with everyone on the left side of the bunch. Once again I landed on the same arm.....when would I finally get some luck? Could this be the end for Danger Mouse?!! Stay tuned for next ep........ With the adrenalin pumping I managed to catch one group, which I went straight past and put my head down, but to catch the peleton now would require a miracle. I also made it, but then they accelerated to the finish and I lost 35 seconds. I was absolutely ropable....and that's the edited version.

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