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From the Boiling Pot and Into the....Freezer...but a win!

The Boulevard Road Race, quite often the season opener for a lot of guys in the US. California but winter. Sunny one year, snow blizzard/rain the next! A nice way to open the account for the year. The Aussie component of the team, including myself flew from Brisbane, Australia to LA, California, USA on Thursday, new bikes received on Friday and new clothing Saturday morning...time for a race no? The Boulevard is a lumpy old thing. You start at the top of the mountain, ride to the bottom and loop around and up to the top of the mountain again. 4 laps, 80 miles and snow. And rain. And cold. And wind. And snow, did I mention the snow.

Australia, currently suffering from heatwaves and some scary, scary fires to snow & rain & snow. Ouch. Maybe I was too jetlagged to actually be able to think ludacris... In fact all the Aussie boys came out firing. Bloody Bernie obviously doesn't like riding in bunches because he was up the road in the first few kilometers and I was off the back.... Then Dave Kemp was in a chase group, V Australia well represented.

Every time down the descent it was soooo freaking cold. I thought after two laps that it might be a good idea to attack on the descent, to stay warm! I arrived at the front chase group with another teammate with a different accent, Charles Dionne, a French-Canadian. Certainly a species close to my heart! Bernie came back, Dave attacked and I covered a dude called Cameron Evans, a talented Canadian on team Ouch....what a weird name. And then there were three! Dave, Cam & I. With 2km to go I attacked and took advantage of our numbers. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Dave 3rd, Charles 4th and Bernie 5th! A great start to the year and a sign to everyone that we're here and we're serious! With the likes of Floyd Landis and Rory Surherland in the peloton it was a job well done. Next objective..... The Tour of California!

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