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Tour of California Stage 5&6 - Get me a nurse!

Another tough couple of days to report on. Yesterday was the longest stage of the tour, a dead flat affair with about 7 corners in the space of 225km. Sitting for so long left me with a sore butt! We only 3 guys on this stage it was going to be hard for us to do much. Thankfully, gratefully, I have a BUT for you! Smoking Gunn started a breakaway that stayed away for 200km in another courageous ride by the old fella.

The break was brought back with 10km to go and once again Bernie stepped up again and got 9th on the stage on what was a great representation of team Fly V Australia on this day. Bernie and I cruised around last night, not feeling too bad. I had to attend another doping control (2nd for the week) and we had a glass of wine after dinner. Then all hell broke lose. Bernie started spewing from both ends and with high fevers and aches he was found sleeping in the bathtub this morning. Myself, I had breakfast and commenced throwing it up. Bernie was man down and had to withdraw from the tour. I rode the TT as conservatively as possible and I hope a good sleep tonight will leave me feeling better tomorrow. Night all...

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