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San Dimas Stage 2 - a killer road race

Today was a tough road race to control.  Trying to contain a carnivorous peloton with witches hats and a double yellow line always dictates that this race is a little sketchy to say the least.  Team Fly V Australia presented by Successful Living really stood up today and showed their strength.  The first 4 laps were done at warp speed, trying to contain a big break that we foolishly let get away.  Comments from the peloton were that there was no way that our boys could ride that tempo and still be there at the end.  But the boys kept coming back to me, time and time again after the sharp little climb on the course.  Unfortunately Phil Zajicek’s bad luck with crashes continued and I am very glad that it wasn’t worse….  And he was riding very well too.

Steve George, Jono Cantwell, Bernie Sulzberger, Charles Dionne, Dave Kemp, Phil Zajicek and Alessandro Bazzana well and truly stepped up and delivered and it was a privilege to have them work for me today.  Philip Gaimon from Jelly Belly won the stage in a gutsy move with the peloton just catching him on the line.  With his bonus time, he is only 1 second behind me now with a criterium to follow tomorrow, but I am happy to still be in the yellow jersey.  I hope to have some more good news tomorrow.

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