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Redlands Bicycle Classic Prologue - Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I had in my mind to capitalize on the good form that I showed I had last weekend.  Cycling is one of those sports where you never really get too many opportunities and when you miss one, you have to take a moment to curse.  But today, I got it right!

The 5km prologue is a tricky one, the first 3km are a false flat, the last 2km are straight up a wall and I learnt last year that there is an art to riding this course correctly.  That, however, you ain’t gonna read here.  J

I stopped the clock at 9:19, a time 32 seconds quicker than the winner last year, defining the day as a fast one.  Then I had a long and anxious wait as the 200 strong peloton all had a crack at beating my time and I am happy to say that they all came up short and I am now leading the Redlands Bicycle Classic, 2009!

Immediately, all thoughts must turn to tomorrow’s stage where I will rely very heavily on my teammates from Fly V Australia.  The boys are motivated fresh off their great work last weekend and it’s certainly nice to be leading a team who are riding a wave of good success for the moment. 

Tomorrow will see us cover a distance of around 150km on a course that is very hard to control and most importantly, we will have to ride intelligently.  We will need to let the leash go a little on a breakaway that we define as manageable and ride flat out when we need to bring them back, which is something that is really hard to decide on the fly at 40-50kmh!

In any case, the Redlands Bicycle Classic is already a success for a team that has already become so well recognized in the US.  Now, we need to ask your help in Australia to spread the word there.  Fly V Australia!

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