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Showed the wrong cards?
Ahhh!!!  I am a little frustrated!  Team Fly V Australia presented by Successful Living Foundation worked their butts off today as they towed me around the 155km stage.  They were awesome….it was so windy – we were travelling at 85kmh in one direction and 20kmh in the other and the boys rode themselves into the ground once again to control the race for me….

There were many attacks as the other teams tried to find some weakness in our defense but there was none to be had.  On the final lap, and the final time up the climb, my guys were spent, and it was time for me to put my head in the wind which resulted in the race being together with less than 10km to go.  At this stage I was alone in front and a move of 4 guys went up the road….a dangerous move, but the teams with the best sprinters didn’t have someone there, so I played a card hoping that they would bring the move back.

They miscalculated though and the break stayed away until the finish.  With the winner, Jeff Louder of BMC taking the stage and the yellow jersey.  The officials deemed the break were 11 seconds ahead at the end of the stage.  It certainly didn’t seem like that much.

I’m frustrated.  I feel good, I was obviously heavily marked today and I thought we had done what we needed to for me to retain the yellow.  It’s one of those close things, a quick reflex decision.  I always said this race is easier to win from behind.  It ain’t over yet.

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