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Here comes the finale
I don’t have a lot to say tonight.  The Redlands crit was sketchy today…I lost a lot of position at the start because I couldn’t clip into my pedal and that put me on the back foot early.  There were a lot of crashes and thankfully all of the Team Fly V Australia presented by Successful Living boys made it through safely.

Through a few misfortunes in the closing laps, our crit specialists, Bazz, Dionne, Cantwell and Sulzberger were unable to get up for the win.  With 160 guys fighting for the same spot at the front, any misfortune and it’s hard to come out on top.  That’s the joy of cycling.  It’s not the strongest man who wins….although that does help.

There is a job to do tomorrow.  It’s a very hard circuit race, basically 4.5km up, 6km down, multiplied by 12.  It is also the last stage of the tour.  I am 9 seconds from the lead so let’s roll the dice and see what happens.
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